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10 mil Orange Nitrile Gloves Large

10 mil Orange Nitrile Gloves Large

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Diamond Dotted Disposable Orange Nitrile Gloves (100 Pieces per Box)

Need to keep your hands safe and sanitary on the job? Our 10 mil orange nitrile gloves are the perfect solution.

These large nitrile gloves offer exceptional protection without latex allergy risks. The 10 mil thickness gives you extra durability for demanding tasks, while the bright orange color provides high visibility for safety.

Snug Fit

Whether you're a contractor, mechanic, janitor, or food service worker, these industrial nitrile gloves are ideal. The textured fingers offer excellent grip, so you can easily handle tools, equipment, and other objects. The snug fit also delivers superior dexterity, giving you the precision you need for detailed work.

Effective Barrier

From messy cleanups to automotive fluids and beyond, these gloves form a barrier against caustic chemicals and other on-the-job hazards. Their sturdy construction withstands punctures and tears better than lower-quality options. And once done, you can simply dispose of them instead of worrying about cross-contamination.

Protection From Grease, Oils, and More

These durable workhorse gloves protect against oils, grease, alcohol, and other substances. They meet quality standards for electrical resistance, helping reduce risks around live wires and currents. This makes them an ideal choice for electricians, mechanics, and other industrial applications.

Medical Settings

Nurses, lab techs, custodians, and other hospital personnel can count on these disposable nitrile gloves for excellent protection against biohazards and other contaminants. They also help prevent the spread of germs between caregivers, patients, and healthcare environments.

Domestic Uses

Around the house, these nitrile gloves bring heavy-duty protection to messy DIY projects, cooking, yard work, housekeeping, pet care, and more. There is no need to sacrifice dexterity or sensitivity when painting, gardening, cleaning bathrooms, or any of those other jobs that are tough on the hands.

Latex and Powder-Free

These gloves are latex and powder-free for reduced irritation and allergies. With optimal grip and durability, our 10 mil orange nitrile gloves offer versatile protection for even the most demanding assignments.

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Power through your day while keeping your hands healthy and chemical-free. Pick up a box and stay protected in style and safety with orange nitrile gloves!

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