About us


Our Kings and Queens Nitrile Gloves Mission

Our Kings and Queens Nitrile Gloves originates from Our Kings Home Health. The mission of Our Kings and Queens Home Health is to enhance quality of life. We believe that healthcare is a basic human right and must be made readily available. We will proudly serve and remain devoted to individuals who do not require hospitalization but whose quality of life could be improved by limited healthcare services in the privacy of their own homes.

And now we are extremely proud to provide PPE (disposable gloves) to each and every individual who could personally or professionally benefit from the use of our product!

Our Kings and Queens Nitrile Gloves are sold by a non-profit organization, Father John. Proceeds from glove sales will go to the development of new housing for individuals who live with Developmental Disabilities to give them the opportunity to live in a space independent of their legal guardians and that they can call their own (staffed 24/7).


Single mother, full time healthcare worker, with the health of her parents beginning to decline. This was life for our founder Jay in 2013. Torn between caring for her parents and providing for her children, she knew something had to change. ​

One night, the vision for Our Kings & Queens Home Health was revealed to her through a divine dream. It was the perfect solution to her problem! But, birthing this vision would prove to be an entirely new challenge, as well as a financial strain. ​

The process to launch Our Kings and Queens Home Health was long and slow. Facing many obstacles, Jay pressed forward eventually landing her first contract, Consumer Directed Services, in 2015. However, it would be another 4 months of consistency and dedication before the business would actually generate any revenue. In 2016 Jay began to see a little more success with the approval of her second contract, In Home Services. This allowed her to serve more clients and expand her brand. In 2018 Our Kings and Queens took off, now holding a third contract, Department of Mental Health. ​

Today Our Kings & Queens Home Health has served over 125 clients around the St. Louis area and is known for it’s professionalism and compassion. ​

Jay has worked hard behind-the-scenes to create a reputable and successful brand. Now she’s ready to step out in front, and educate other’s who may have a similar vision on how to do the same. With a heart for people she also plans to serve her community with the launch of Our Kings and Queens Nitrile Gloves!