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10 mil Black Nitrile Gloves Small

10 mil Black Nitrile Gloves Small

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Size Small Diamond Dotted Disposable Black Nitrile Gloves (100 Pieces per Box)

The most durable disposable gloves available on the market! Suitable for all industries including food service, automotive, housekeeping and sanitation, healthcare/medical, tattoo, dental, cosmetics/aesthetician, pest control, etc!

Our Kings and Queens Nitrile Gloves are the most durable disposable gloves available on the market because they are much thicker (10 mil) than the average disposable gloves which prevents ripping and leakage and are fully textured for confident grip!

Have you ever taken your gloves off and noticed that your hands feel wet? Typical disposable gloves, when stretched to conform to the hand, become stressed and less protective which in turn offers limited protection against chemical or biomedical exposure and causes structural compromise.

Tired of being disappointed by poor quality disposable gloves? Tired of flushing your hard earned money down the toilet by double gloving to ensure confident protection from chemical and biomedical waste? Search no more! SHOP NOW!!!

  • 100 pieces in a box
  • Thickened, high-quality nitrile material (10 mil)
  • Latex free design eliminates risk of latex type I allergies
  • Powder free
  • Double sided diamond rib
  • Fully textured for confident grip
  • Water, oil and alkali proof


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I'm a ref and usually go thru a lot of gloves. These are amazing. I haven't had a pair tear yet.


These gloves are textured which helps me a lot. I'm impressed and won't use any other glove.

Dry hands

I gave my client a bath and took my gloves off and my hands were COMPLETELY DRY!!!! If you know, you know. Great gloves!

Sharp nails

I have sharp pointy nails. This is the first glove that’s seriously unbothered by my nails and that’s just wearing one pair. I usually have to double up.