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10 mil Black Nitrile Gloves Small

10 mil Black Nitrile Gloves Small

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Durable and High-Quality Small 10-Mil Black Nitrile Gloves

At Our Kings and Queens Nitrile Gloves, we've designed heavy-duty size small 10-mil black nitrile gloves that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Learn why our gloves are the leading choice for professionals looking for disposable gloves that'll protect their hands. Shop our online selection today. 

Endless Protection for a Wide Range of Uses

What we love about nitrile gloves is that they're latex-free. Nitrile gloves are a great option for patients or customers who have a latex allergy or sensitivity. Some of the industries that use our gloves include tattoo, dental, medical, pest control, automotive, and more. 

Prevents Leakage and Tearing

Our 10-mil black nitrile gloves are thicker than most disposable gloves on the market. The thick material is puncture and leakage-resistant. The diamond-dotted surface of the gloves makes it easy for you to grip any item. 

Comfortable for Any Size Hand

We offer our black nitrile gloves in many sizes, including small. The glove conforms to the shape of your hand without compromising the integrity of the material. You don't have to worry about losing protection or getting exposed to hazardous materials because the glove is becoming less protective. 

Resistant to Various Chemicals

Our nitrile gloves work well in many different industries, whether you work in the medical field or food prep. They're resistant to things like fatty oils and shellfish and will keep you protected if you suffer from a food allergy. These gloves are also great for keeping your hands safe from brake fluid, diesel, gasoline, and fuel oil. 

Shop Our Selection of Small 10-Mil Black Nitrile Gloves

Our Kings and Queens Nitrile Gloves come in quantities of 100 per box. We offer competitive pricing for bulk orders. Don't wait for heavy-duty quality and protection... buy today! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I'm a ref and usually go thru a lot of gloves. These are amazing. I haven't had a pair tear yet.


These gloves are textured which helps me a lot. I'm impressed and won't use any other glove.

Dry hands

I gave my client a bath and took my gloves off and my hands were COMPLETELY DRY!!!! If you know, you know. Great gloves!

Sharp nails

I have sharp pointy nails. This is the first glove that’s seriously unbothered by my nails and that’s just wearing one pair. I usually have to double up.