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10 mil Black Nitrile Gloves Large

10 mil Black Nitrile Gloves Large

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Stay Safe With Our Large 10 Mil Black Nitrile Gloves

Our large 10  mil black nitrile gloves are made from the thickest nitrile to provide maximum protection. Order yours today.

Durable, Latex-Free Nitrile Gloves for Any Industry

Count on Our Kings and Queens for gloves made from high-quality nitrile material. Our heavy-duty gloves offer superior protection and are latex-free, eliminating the risk of allergies. They are also powder-free, which makes them perfect for medical settings. See why they are the top choice for doctors, restaurants, cleaners, and industrial operations.

Exceptional Grip for Added Safety

These disposable gloves feature double-sided diamond ribbed nitrile and are fully textured, providing an exceptional grip that will give you added safety and confidence while working. This makes them ideal for any situation where a confident grip is essential. Whether you are a mechanic, working in an industrial setting, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen or on the BBQ, these gloves will give you the confidence you need to get the job done right.

Rugged Enough for Industrial Use

Our gloves are tough enough to handle even the most demanding industrial tasks. They are alkali water and oil-resistant, which means they can withstand even the harshest conditions. These gloves are perfect for those working in the industrial field.

Powder-Free for Medical Settings

These nitrile exam gloves are perfect for medical settings. They eliminate the risk of allergic reactions caused by latex gloves and powder contamination.

Buy Large 10 Mil Disposable Black Nitrile Gloves

Order your large 10-mil nitrile gloves today and experience the durability, exceptional grip, and safety that these large nitrile gloves provide. Whether you are working in an industrial setting, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, or providing medical care, these industrial nitrile gloves are the perfect fit for any job.

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Customer Reviews

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Strong gloves

Textured Nitro gloves are really heavy duty.Hold up well when doing mechanical work

Tracie Gully
Super satisfied!!!

We’ve used OKQ Nitrile gloves for a while now and always satisfied. They are strong and don’t rip even when my husband is working in the yard or garage, he even uses them on commercial cleaning job sites, no issues at all. We have a large family so they take a beating from us from dying hair to deep cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms. Extremely excited to see they have orange now!!! We will reorder again (and again).

P.S. hubby has strong and large hands, the Large fits just fine.

Ben Tanner
These work great!

I got my two boxes of Black Nitrile Gloves from Our Kings and Queens because I saw that the owner had real experience with them in her home health company. I'm a dog breeder and they are a game changer. I use them for everything from cleaning out pens, and whelping puppies safely. Best gloves ever.

Excellent Product

I can't believe how durable these gloves are. Excellent Quality


"diamond dots" create an amazing grip!